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Kames Fish Farming Ltd was established in 1972 with offices on the West Coast of Scotland and has for over 40 years been farming fish. Alongside the farming side of our business we operate a fish farming equipment supply and installation service ranging from fish cages and moorings to jetty’s and rafts for both aquaculture and the leisure sector.

Our fish farming experience dates from the very start of commercial aquaculture in the UK where we pioneered the farming of trout in fresh and saltwater cages later moving on to warm water marine species such as Sea Bream and Sea Bass in the Mediterranean. More recently at home we have added Atlantic Salmon and Atlantic Halibut to the range of species we farm in marine offshore cages.

Inevitably our knowledge of fish production led to us designing equipment so we could farm safely and efficiently and at the lowest cost possible . Our full range of equipment recognises the huge variety of environments and species which are farmed worldwide and the very specialised nature of each and every situation in all types of aquaculture. Our unique position as both farmers and equipment suppliers means our advice is based on real hands on experience. Our business is not the hard sell and then let you get on with it but a true close working relationship to ensure your fish farming business is a success.

The rugged low maintenance nature of equipment for aquaculture has also led us to design many pieces of equipment for the leisure market. This has included items such as floating jetty’s, berthing pontoons and bird nesting rafts.